Lake Erie Chapter: Founded January 12, 1974

The Lake Erie Chapter of The Ninety-Nines was chartered on January 12, 1974, with 39 members.  Lake Erie 99s was formed with the blessings and help of sister chapter All-Ohio 9s.  Lake Erie 99s grew and reached a membership of 65+.  Determining that the geographic area was rather large for ease of attendance by all members, another 99s chapter called Women with Wings was formed by those who lived in the central portion of Ohio.  Lae Erie members presently come from the counties in the northeastern portion of the state, with Cleveland as the center of our activities.

Lake Erie 99s members are women who share a common goal of flying and support others in their flying activities.  Our members include licensed pilots and those who are working toward their license.  The experience is on a continuum from the newly licensed pilot to the individual who is a WASP from WWII.  Ratings and licenses run from student pilot to private, to instrument to commercial to helicopter to CFI and CEII to ATP and A&E.  One member is a US Army Reserve Major who served in Desert Storm.  Several of our members fly for the Civil Air Patrol or serve as pilots for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Lake Erie has a working instructor, a helicopter pilot, glider pilot, a glider instructor, two FAA Aviation Safety Counselors, members of the staff of the International Women’s Air and Space Museum, members who participated in the Air Race Classic, The Buckeye Air Rally, and other races, plus women who fly simply for pleasure.  Members without medicals continue to serve as navigators, co-pilots, enthusiasts and passengers.  Membership backgrounds are varied as we have a bookbinder, engineers, nurses, medical technicians, CPA’s, corporate pilots, commercial pilots, mothers, domestic engineers, a crisis counselor, a lawyer, real estate agents, a veterinary assistant, a business customer relations worker, a computer programmer, a procurer, and a purchasing agent.    

The Chapter is involved in a wide range of aviation activities from flying air races to fly-ins for lunch, shopping and meetings.  Lake Erie Members assist as judges, timers, hostesses, stop-chairman, ground operators and do other jobs in various air races, rallies, and competitions.  We co-sponsor “Wings” Safety Seminars with the FAA, present aviation programs to groups of children, and air mark airports, with the airport name and/or compass rose.  We set up booths at air shows and fly-ins to attract new members, to spread the word about our mission, and to sell aviation items to earn moments for chapter activities.  We encourage pilot members to apply for the Amelia Earhart Scholarship in order to earn additional ratings and we help future women pilot members apple for Future Women Pilot grants to help fund their training to get their pilot certificate.  Additionally, we honor a remarkable pilot member with the Achievement Award and an outstanding member pilot with a Pilot of the Year trophy annually at our Pilot of the Year banquet held in October.

Lake Erie Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, established January 12, 1974